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It is a fast lathe machine that we support with servo motors that allow working with high precision according to the position that works fully automatically. It is a fast lathe machine that has a system where you can easily and easily produce small parts in a rapid and fast way where you can make all the controls on a large screen panel with a very easy to use touch. It is supported by a pneumatic material loader (magazine). It is an automatic material loading system where you can easily stack max = 1000mm trees in the size you want and adjust the settings of short parts, as well as a barrel system that you can change in a simple way to achieve different diameter dimensions in the machine's processing capacity. machine. Our speed lathe machine, which is highly appreciated by the users with its clawed center system that minimizes wastage in draft trees loaded with each feeder (magazine), is our contagion machine that allows the production of materials with high-strength blades and units in the front part of the bucket so that the surface quality does not need to be sanded. It is produced in two sizes and dimensions in square mm.
Si̇rayet 60-120
By passing the maximum 120 * 120 mm square tree through the barrel, high-strength knives (units) in the front part of the wood to its final shape and a hole and figure knife can be operated on the forehead, if desired, cut with a chisel knife after the process of the part is finished and the workpiece is of a precise quality. It is produced in the way.
Si̇rayet 0-60
It processes maximum 60 * 60 mm square wood. It works in the same logic of the big machine. It is specified as the machine dimensions and engine power, unlike the big machine, of course, it is considered as a small machine investment when considered as a workpiece.

* Cnc Control Unit:
* 2 Uni̇te Knife + Chisel Pen And Tailstock Units
* Maximum Length of Tree to be Processed: 1.000 Mm
* Maximum Tree Size to be Treated: 120 * 120 Mm (Square)
* Minimum Wood Dimension To Be Treated: 60 * 60 Mm (Square)
* Rotation Motor Asynchronous 15 Kw
* Optional Setting from the Rotating Motor Control Panel (Between 0-3000 Variables)
* Blade Drive Motors Servo 1 Kw
* Axis Motor 2,2 Kw Servo Motor
* Wood Driver Motor 2.2 Kw Servo Motor
* Interchangeable Middle Belly System
* Pneumatically Operated Tree Loading System
* Control System That Can Be Managed From The Panel

* 1 Middle Belly According to the Specified Sample
* 2 High Strength Cutting Ends According to Specified Sample
* 1 Nail Center (According to Work Piece Size)

* Optional special unit
* Custom machine sizes
* Adding a project-based live team

* Dimensions: 4000 * 2000 * 2000 Mm
* Weight: 1.750 Kg. 2,000 Kg

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